The Brownland RM0 Entry Scheme

It costs RM700 to sit for the REN tag course.
Agencies charge RM500-RM2,000 as joining fee.
Don't even get us started on marketing expenditure.

But with Brownland Properties...

Everyone’s heard of the saying: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. What people tend to disregard is the mindful attitude one must have of their environment to make sure their journey results in great success.

In the real estate industry, that step is attending a course known as the Negotiator Certification Course (NCC). Developed by the Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA), the NCC is a rite of passage for those looking to become a real estate negotiator (REN). Upon completion, an identification tag, commonly known as REN tag, will be issued to the attendees by the Board of Valuers, Appraiser, and Estate Agents (BOVAEA). As the tag contains key information of its owner, it is essential wearing when carrying out business to assure the clients they are interacting with a certified REN. Failure to do so can result in heavy penalties of fine and/or imprisonment. Also, a Certificate of Attendance will be given out after the NCC for the negotiators to use to list themselves with a licensed agency as a registered REN.

Simple enough, right? Sit for a two-day course and associate with an agency within one year of the issuance of the Certificate of Attendance, and the objective of becoming a registered REN is completed. But the cost incurred by the REN just to get to this point has reached more than RM1,500.

The NCC has a fee amounting to more than RM600. Coupled with the joining fee agencies charge ranging from RM500-RM2,000, The cost can be too steep to stomach, especially this early on the process. To acquire listings, RENs would need to fork out more cash from their wallet on marketing to compete with other negotiators, including those with more skill and experience.

These hidden fees are a big reason why so many people are hesitant to enter this industry as RENs, especially those coming from an unsteady financial background. When the first steps can already this grueling, their assessment is a fair one and can be difficult to contest. Something needs to be done to remove the stigma of building a career as a real estate agent.

This is where Brownland Properties comes in. Money should not be an obstacle when people are working hard to be the best version of themselves, and Brownland Properties intends to put it into practice. Anyone, including fresh graduates, tenured associates, and existing agents, signing up to be a certified REN with Brownland Properties has the opportunity to become one without paying a single cent. With an RM0 joining fee, Brownland Properties will pay for the NCC fee so that new certified RENs are able to get their career started without a hitch. Marketing expenses will be covered as well to further guarantee an efficient closing of sales by the new negotiators.

You worry about being the best agent you can.

We'll cover the rest. Apply as a Brownland Properties agent today.