Brownland Properties is one of the region's
most prominent real estate groups.

Who we are

Brownland Properties is a company that is proud of its heritage and merit. With esteemed interest, we have delved into multiple functions, from sub-sale to investment and development and everything in between.

The position Brownland has established for itself in the industry over the years is the culmination of hard work and a purposeful attitude to achieve its noteworthy ambitions. Acclaimed for our tailored recommendations to meet the unique demands of the clients, we are equally well-regarded for our thorough analysis in key markets to develop engaging investment opportunities.

The mix of great corporate leadership, noteworthy values, and a competent workforce with solid foundations makes for a desirable working environment where our people can train and perfect their fundamentals to build on their success and, consequently, the company’s.

What we do

Primary & Secondary Markets

Project Marketing & Management

Property Consultation

Commercial Retail

Land & Industrial